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We’ve taken the traditional Palestinian patterned scarf and formed it into modern protection against this global virus.

Keffiyeh Masks is a socially responsible brand that offers protective masks using contemporary Palestinian patterned scarfs while supporting Palestinian workers and non-profits. Coming from the Herbawi Factory in Hebron, these masks are 100% soft, breathable cotton that transmits moisture away from the body with 3-layer protection, as well as, washable and reusable, making them a perfect addition to your mask collection!

By purchasing a mask:

  • You are protecting yourself and others
  • You are supporting the Keffiyeh industry and workers in Palestine
  • You are promoting Palestinian culture in your communities.

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Do you Work for a Non-Profit?

Are you a part of a non-profit trying to raise money during covid-19? We are partnering with organizations around the country to support them through this time. All organizations that we partner with will get 20% of the sales received.